You’re mean

Why are you so mean to me?

You know,  everything you do hurts me in so many ways. Every time you talk to me, the smirk on your face saws me in half. When you pass behind me, the air you move feels like a hurricane inside of me. I’m all messed up. Will you please stop staring at my back, it’s so intense it burns. And when you talk to other girls, the exchange punches me right in the ribs. Most of all, when you look at me, stop sending lightning down my spine, it’s making me weak and it hurts so bad.

I wanna know though, do you even realize how much I hurt because of you? Of course you don’t. You don’t realize that your hands on me could stop the pain, or that your attention is all I’m wishing for. I don’t even want your love, nothing complicated. I just want to be the one you  beg to come over when you feel lonely, and needy. That’s all. I want it so much. That’s why I hurt. I want you to want me as much as I do. And when you’ll finally see how good I can make you feel, you’ll never want to get rid of me.

I’ll be the one making you ache from desire. But I won’t ignore you, far from that, I’ll make sure you feel as good as you make me feel so that you never leave and beg me not to either. At this moment, I’ll be completely healed.