Why do I seem to always get myself in trouble? When it’s not with school it’s got to be with something else. Oh now, how I wish it would be about a test I didn’t study for. But it’s not, and it’s even worst. I found myself getting involved in something when I shouldn’t have. You.

I remember that night perfectly. The moment I knew I messed up. It was at a party at a friend’s house. It’s kind of funny to think that I’ve known you for a year but it’s on that night that I finally saw you. I remember when you walked in, all eyes were on you, but yours met mine first. Why me? ¬†This is probably what gave me the confidence I had that night. Maybe the alcohol running through my blood helped as well. You were there for a year and never have I wanted you so much. We are so different though. But that night, our differences got us closer.

Flirting, that’s not something I do, but I surprised myself doing it. What is happening with me? I’m not a touching person neither, but I remember the feeling of your shirt on my hands when I would bump your arm. The warmth of your body siting next to mine. Your dark eyes constantly in mine. Your sexy big hands brushing my thighs. Your smirk growing as the night goes on. You knew you had me. I knew you had me. There was nothing I could do to stop the feeling of wanting you. But I knew it wasn’t right.

What would’ve happened if we would’ve been alone that night? I think I know. But what would have happened if one of us never showed up that night?

I think I know it too. I wouldn’t be that into you today. I wouldn’t be such in pain since we just can’t happen.

Why do I always put myself in positions where I lose control.

I’m so in trouble.¬†