Beautiful stranger

Today I saw you again. I mean well when I say seeing because you, I can only see you. When I heard you would be there, I felt good inside. You know that knot you get in your stomach, well it kept strengthening when I remembered how pretty and desirable you were the last time I observed you. I mean well when I say observing, because it’s from afar that I can appreciate you.

You’re untouchable. Not in the way that you’re rude or cold, actually, everyone likes you. They all come to you, but I would never. Just the thought of you drives me crazy, so talking to you, it just won’t do it. Still, I know your voice. I’ve heard you talk many times when I would pretend not to hear. I know your face even though I’ve never had it close to mine. I know that I know too much. I know it. But I can’t help myself, sorry. Every time we’re at the same place, my attention is on you. Your gaze is all I’m hoping for and when I find you, you’re talking to others. That’s when I realize I’m just another girl in the crowd. I feel so stupid afterwards.

But when I finally meet your eyes, I don’t feel that way any more. It’s only you and me, two strangers sharing precious seconds of their lives together. The dark shade of your eyes meets the peaceful green color of mine. We’re connected. It’s our moment. I love the tension that builds between us when we mix our gazes. I don’t know what it means to you, but for me, I have one thing in mind and you know which one. You know I want you. What makes me feel even better, is that at this very moment, you’re thinking about me and nothing else. The intensity behind that look proves it and the way you look at me is different from the way you do it with others. Maybe the fact that we’re nothing for each other at any time of the day increases the curiosity when our eyes make us one.

You know when I looked up to you leaning on the wall, I caught you starring at me. You didn’t look away and so did I. You seemed to have a lot in minds at this moment. I know you know I want you. This look could make me do anything and you know it. I held your gaze long enough, then turned away. Who knows what I could’ve done. Two strangers that are nothing for each other don’t stare at each other that way. If that’s what we are. I’m left so confused. How can one stranger messes me up like this?

Today was probably the last time our paths met. It’s sadly that I say that all you’ve been to me is a stranger. However, I will never stop looking for your dark and comforting gaze in a crowded place. You’re the stranger I’ve been the closest with.

I hope to see you again.


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